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Series Paradox Green
Zone Hidden Realm
Game Room Oni Dojo
Game Funkey Fighters
Rarities Very Rare

Nectar is a Funkey released with the Paradox Green expansion. The Nectar tribe is native to the Hidden Realm.



In-Game Description

While the Sprout may get all the credit for being the botanists of Terrapinia, it's the Nectar, and their ability to pollinate that truly allows the Sprouts thumbs to be the deepest shade of green. Friends since the beginning of recorded time, the Nectar and the Sprout have worked together to design and create some of the greatest gardening wonders throughout Terrapinia.

Despite the romantic picture that some may have of carefree Nectar flirting from flower to flower, true pollination is hard work. Look at their little wings and chunky bodies. It's a miracle they fly at all let alone all day every day. At Honey Hive Towers, their daily work schedule starts when the sun comes up and ends when the sun goes down, and consists of B-reports, Wax Faxes, and Honey Do's to be completed and filed each day, not to mention the never ending cover letters on their TBS (To Be Stung) reports. In fact, the Nectar call their typical work day "the invisible sun" because they never see it. Each day, the Nectar work their antennas off to make Terrapinia a more beautiful place, and to gain the attention and admiration of the beloved Nectar queen, Queen Roxy.

Despite their dedication, the Nectar believe that they never get the proper credit for their stinger breaking work. Every Funkey knows the Sprout, and how their gardening talents have beautified life for all Funkeys, but few Funkeys truly realize that none of this would be possible without the Nectar. This lack of credit, and the never ending paperwork that drives the pollination process, can make the Nectar very irritable indeed!

To deal with the frustrations of a work life of high stress and little reward, small groups of disillusioned Nectar have started to band together to form underground dueling clubs, which have come to be known as Pain Clubs. These Pain Clubs are a place where Nectar drones can fight with their brothers and sisters to release their pent up aggressions and rebel against the repetition of daily work life. A bruised wing or broken antenna is a common sight at Honey Hive Towers; but as long as workers show-up every day, productive and happy, Queen Roxy supports the number one rule of Pain Club: You don't talk about Pain Club. Attempts by The Police to infiltrate these clubs, undercover jobs known as sting operations, have yet to synch up.

Data Values

These values can be inputted into CheatEngine to access the Funkey without its figure.

  • Normal (Yellow) - 281
  • Rare (Green) - 285
  • Very Rare (White) - 292


  • Due to a factory error during the printing of the Paradox Green set, only Very Rare versions of Nectar were produced.
  • The "Pain Clubs" attended by the Nectar are a reference to the 1999 movie Fight Club.