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Series Base Game
Zone Kelpy Basin
Game Room
Game Bounce N Break
Rarities Common, Rare, Very Rare

Tiki is a Funkey released with the base game. The Tiki tribe is native to Kelpy Basin.



In-Game Description

The Tiki are believed to be the first Funkeys to inhabit Terrapinia. All other Funkeys evolved from the Tiki. The first Tiki crawled out of the primordial soup and walked on land over a million years ago.

Hunters and gatherers, they quickly became the dominant species. They created a thriving society, the ruins of which can still be seen in the Mesofunkey Plains. They developed the first language, writings and were prolific artists.

Tiki artifacts are highly prized by collectors. While once fierce warriors, the Tikis now live an almost Zen-like existence and despite their ferocious look, modern Tiki are vegans.

Data Values

These values can be inputted into CheatEngine to access the Funkey without its figure.

  • Normal (Purple) - 29
  • Rare (Olive/Yellow) - 30
  • Very Rare (Gray) - 31