U.B. Funkeys

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U.B. Funkeys
U.B. Funkeys.png
Type Video Game
(Online/Singleplayer), Collectable
Windows (XP, 7, 8*)
Availability 2007-2010
creater(s) Mattel (Figures),
Arkadium, RadicaGames

U.B. Funkeys is a PC game, developed by Radica Games & Arkadium, and collectible figure set created & manufactured by Mattel. It was created in 2007 until discontinuation of the toys in the United States in 2010. Play consisted of a PC game that worked together with collectible figures that represent characters in the game. There are over 45 different "species" of Funkeys. Each type of Funkey normally comes in three different types of styles which are normal, rare, and very rare.