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Xener is a Funkey released with the base game. The Xener tribe is native to Laputta Station.


== Design


In-Game Description

Xener means traveler in Funkey. In the late 40th century, Funkeys were obsessed with space travel. They spent millions of coins on missions that accomplished very little. The last flight mission crashed and remains intact to remind them of this frivolous program but the Xener still believe that space travel is the final frontier.

It was the Xener experience with travel that helped the Guild of Master Technicians build the first portals. Their intention was to boldly go where no Funkey had gone before – the furthest reaches of space. But they found the portals ill equipped to reach that far. An unexpected benefit was using these portals for travel throughout Terrapinia.

Now the Xener spend most of their time playing space video games, honing their skills for one day, they will return to space.

Data Values

These values can be inputted into CheatEngine to access the Funkey without its figure.

  • Normal (Green) - 53
  • Rare (Red) - 57
  • Very Rare (Black) - 58