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Dyer is a Funkey released with the Dream States expansion. The Dyer tribe is native to Daydream Oasis.


In-Game Description

Legend tells of a young boy, a shepherd named Dyer who was a notorious prankster, and of a gullible wolf who loved to play cards. The boy would call the wolf over and bet that he could guess what card the wolf would draw from the deck of cards. They would cut the deck, draw the card and the boy always guessed right. On day, the wolf checked the cards and found they were all the same. The boy barely escaped with his life.

The boy learned his lesson and vowed never to take advantage of another being again; to live a life of peace and harmony with all living creatures. They even befriended the Kootie, a small bug that lives on the skin of Funkeys. The Dyer realized that use of soap was killing the poor Kooties so they stopped washing and using soap.

The Dyer are often found sleeping, or as they call it, “extended deep thought sessions”. The Dyer like to participate in these “deep though sessions” in large groups, and it is not uncommon to find large groups of dyer just lying around parks, on the beach, or on the campuses of Our Lucky Lady and USC. Rather than speak, the Dyer write down their thoughts on small plastic discs and throw them back and forth to each other. They even developed a mass communication method where many Dyers run around chucking the message disk back and forth. They say it is the ultimate but it is yet to catch on.